Flower Child Photoshop Tutorial
In this Photoshop tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to make what I call a"Flower Child" or a "Petal Person". You can use Photoshop to make one yourself, or if you prefer, you can go the Fantasy Art section of my website, www.GinisMagic.com, and have me custom-make one for you!

To use this tutorial, you will need two photos; one photo of the face you want to use, and a photo of an open flower with a defined center such as a daisy, sunflower, or lily. You can do this kind of photo manipulation in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Step 1. Open up a photo of a flower in Photoshop and use the Selection Brush to select the middle of the flower. Use a soft round brush for the selection so that the edges of the selection will automatically be feathered. When you have your selection, change the Selection Brush Mode near the top of the screen to "Mask". Now everything but your selection should have a red tint.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 2. To get rid of the flower’s center, we will use one of Photoshop’s most powerful photo manipulation tools; the Liquify filter. With the center of the flower selected, go to Filter > Distort > Liquify. A new window will come up. On the left side of the window where you see the tool menu, select the "Pucker tool". Resize the brush to slightly bigger than the flower's center.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 3. Shrink the center by clicking the pucker tool in the middle of the flower and hold the mouse down. The center of the flower should shrink and the flower petals will stretch toward the center. Once the middle won't shrink any more, click Ok.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 4. Using the Selection Brush again, with the same brush you were using before you opened the Liquify Filter, select the center of the flower again. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Making sure that the "Preview" box is checked, drag the radius bar until the center of the flower disappears. Click OK.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 5. Keep the image of the flower open in you Photoshop project bin and open up the photo of the person you want in your portrait. Choose the Selection Brush again and use a hard brush to select the face that you're using. You'll need to select most of the face, not just the major facial features. Include about half of the forehead. Your selection should look something like this.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 6. Feather the selection so that the red mask blends into the selection and then go to Edit > Copy.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 7. Switch back to the flower photo and paste the face you copied. Move the face into the center of the flower. You now have the flower and the face in the same file, on separate layers.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 8. At this point you may notice that there are lines in the face layer showing the outline of the face. To blend the face into the flower, you'll need to get rid of those lines. Select the Eraser Tool and choose a large, soft round brush. Click around the edges of the face layer, not on the actual face. Once this is done, the outline of the face should be gone. You should be able to see all the major facial features like the eyes, lips, etc. but not the chin or jaw line. Make sure you leave some of the skin outside of each facial feature.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 9. Select the face layer and resize it to the size you want it to be in your final portrait.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 10. Duplicate the face layer and make the bottom face layer invisible by clicking the eye icon next to it in the Layers Palette. With the top layer selected, choose the eraser tool again and use a small soft brush to erase the major facial features from the portrait on the top layer. Erase the eyes, nostrils and major shadows around the nose, lips, and eyebrows.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 11. Go to Filter > Noise > Median and place a check in the "Preview" box if there isn't already one there. Drag the bar that controls the radius of the filter until the skin appears to be very smooth. Repeat steps 10 and 11 on the lips, setting the median radius to lower level so that the lips are smoothed, but not obscured.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 12. Make the bottom face layer visible again and Combine the two face layers into one by clicking on the top layer and going to Layer > Merge Down. Then turn the opacity of the face layer down to 90%. At this point, the edges of the face may blend into flower enough, but if it doesn't, repeat Step 8.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 13. Choose the Smudge Tool and use a medium size soft brush with a strength of 40-60% to smudge the faded edges of the face outward, toward the tips of the flower petals. Make sure you don't displace the facial features. You may want to stop here, but if you want the face to blend into the flower further, go on to step 14.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialStep 14. Go to Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Hue/Saturation and check the Preview Box. Adjust the bars until the color and saturation of the face blends into the flower well.

Flower Child Photoshop TutorialAnd you're done!

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