While using StumbleUpon (which I love!) I discovered a some very cool websites that provide a place where anyone can come up with their own artistic creations right there in their browser. Any of the following sites can be used to create art online. Maybe you'll even find a way to use one of these programs to make Free Vector Art.

1. Sumo Paint - Sumo Paint is an awesome online image editor and creator. It's easy to use, incredibly versatile, free, and tons of fun. This is the best online painting application that I've found. Check out the online gallery to see some of what users have been able to create.

2.Art.com ArtPad - A blank "canvas" is provided for you to do with what you will. You can use a virtual paint brush, add text, paint splatters, change the opacity of your paint, add a frame to your work, and even view it hanging in a gallery.

3. GirlSense Fireworks Comic Strip - Here you are provided with figures and text bubbles so that you can create funny comicstrips in under a minute. All you have to do is choose the facial expressions for your characters, type in some text, and send the strip to your friends. I'm not sure this really qualifies as "creating art", but it can be pretty fun.

4. Rate My Drawings - A blank canvas and artists' community in one. With Rate My Drawings, you can draw inside your browser, enter your drawings into contests, view drawing tutorials online, and more.

5. Photoshop Express - You can create online albums and edit photos right inside your browser without paying a dime.

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