This tutorial will show you how to make gorgeous wooden Photoshop frames. Using this technique, you'll be able to make a new and unique photo frame for each and every one of your photographs.make-fancy-wooden-frame-in-photoshopWooden Frames Photoshop
Step 1. Open up a picture that clearly shows wood grain in it. It could be a picture of a tree, a log, an unpainted piece of furniture; anything. I chose to use a photo I took of the wall of a wooden garage.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopStep 2. Use the Crop Tool to crop the photo(s) until you are left with only the parts of the wood you you want to use for your frame. Here is the part that I chose to use.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopStep 3. Open a large blank new file, big enough to be used on a high resolution photo. Paste the wooden texture into the new file and use the paint bucket tool to fill the blank background layer with a solid color. It can be any color you choose; it won't have any effect on the final image.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopStep 4. Smooth the wood.
Duplicate the wood layer and set the blending mode to Multiply. With the top wood layer selected, go to Filters> Blur> Gaussian Blur and use a Radius of about 15.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopMerge the two layers and chop off the edges of the wood photo until the layer is the approximate width that you want the sides of your frame to be.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopStep 5.
Duplicate the wood layer 3 times so that there are now four layers. Then move the layers and resize them to fit all the edges of the canvas.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopStep 6. Now we are going to edit the corners of the frame where the wood layers overlap. Select the top wood layer and use the Polygonal lasso tool to make a trapezoid shaped selection on top of the rectangular layer.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopGo to Select> Invert Selection and press the delete button. Now the corners should look something like this.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopRepeat the step of the opposite wood layer, and merge all the wood layers into one. Now we have a much more polished look to our frame.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopAt this point, you can use a ready-made frame shape and skip over the next step, or keep going to create a completely unique shape.

Step 7. Create a new layer and use the Brush or Shape Tool to create a fancy design the sides of the frame. The outside of this pattern will be the shape of the outer edge of the frame, so make sure that the shape goes from one end to the other and that all the shapes connect to each other. I used a few different brushes from Obsidian Dawn and connected them, making a swirly design.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopStep 8. With the design layer selected, use the Magic Wand Tool to select the outside of the design, on top of the wood. It is very important that you make sure that you have selected only the outside. Depending on the shapes you used this step could be very simple or very complicated. Mine was complicated because of all the different swirls. This is my selection below. Remember that when using selection masks like this one, everything that does not appear blue is selected. Once you have your selection, go to Select> Modify> Smooth and enter a radius of 5.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopKeeping the same area selected, click on the wood layer and then press the delete button.

Wooden Frames Photoshop Remove the background, and you have a pretty awesome looking frame.

Wooden Frames Photoshop
Step 9. For a finished look, outline the inside of the frame in basic black. Photoshop comes with lots of great shapes for this simple job, or you can find others online. For the inside I chose a simple-but-not-too-simple shape. Lay the shape down in black first, then do it again in white. Shrink the white layer very slightly, leaving a black outline of the shape.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopMerge the layers and use you frame on any photo you want.

Wooden Frames PhotoshopWooden Frames Photoshop
Wooden Frames Photoshop
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