Eyeshadow Photoshop TutorialBeing able to add realistic make up in Photoshop is a must for every digital artist. Whether you're adding makeup to enhance a portrait or painting on shimmering eyeshadow for an cartoon character, this Photoshop makeup tutorial will be incredibly useful for you.

Step 1. Choose a photograph subject who has little or no eye makeup on to begin with. Select the paintbrush tool and set your foreground to a light shade of the color that you want the eyeshadow to be. I chose blue as my color.

Eyeshadow Photoshop TutorialStep 2. Create a new layer and set the paintbrush tool to a medium sized, soft round brush. Paint your chosen color over the entire eyelid on the blank layer. Don't worry about getting color on the eyelashes or below the eye, we'll take care of that later on.

Eyeshadow Photoshop TutorialStep 3. Make another layer and choose a new foreground color that is a shade darker than the base color. Paint the beneath the brow bone and on the outer side of the eyelid.

Eyeshadow Photoshop TutorialStep 4. Create another layer and choose another color a shade darker and use a smaller soft round brush to paint eyeliner on the lash line.

Eyeshadow Photoshop TutorialStep 5. Add a blur to each layer of color by going to Filer> Blur> Gaussian Blur and applying enough blur that the color blend together continuously. You may need to apply a different amount of blur to each layer to get it right.

Eyeshadow Photoshop TutorialStep 6. Combine all the layers of digital eyeshadow color into one. You can do this by holding down the Control key and selecting each layer in the Layers Palette, then right clicking on them and choosing "Merge Layers". Now you have one layer with three shades of color. Change the blending mode of this layer to "Color".

Eyeshadow Photoshop TutorialStep 7. Choose the Eraser Tool and use a soft round brush set to an Opacity of 50% to erase any stray color on the eyelashes or anywhere else.

Eyeshadow Photoshop TutorialStep 8. Duplicate the eyeshadow layer and drag it to the top of Photoshop's Layers Palette. Set the layer's blending mode to "Multiply". Then use the Eraser Tool set to an Opacity of 30% and a large soft round brush, the height of most of the eyelid, and erase a circular area of the eyeshadow between the center of the eyelid and the innermost side of the lid. This will give the digital makeup a highlight, creating more shine and dimension.

Photoshop Makeup TutorialStep 9. Duplicate the bottom eyeshadow layer again and drag it to the top of the Layers Palette. Set the blending mode to "Overlay" and the Opacity to 50%.

Photoshop Makeup TutorialStep 10. Create a new layer and choose a very light shade of the color you've been using. Change the size of the Paintbrush tool to a smaller round brush and the Opacity to 50%, and paint between the existing eyeshadow and the eyebrow, creating a highlight on the brow bone.

Photoshop Makeup TutorialAdd a Gaussian Blur to the brow bone layer.

Photoshop Makeup TutorialErase any part of the brow bone highlight layer that may have covered the eye brow.

Photoshop Makeup TutorialStep 11. To wrap up the whole look and give it a really sparkly metallic glow, duplicate the one of the main eyeshadow layers and go to Filters> Noise> Add Noise, set it to "Monochromatic" and make it look sparkly like this.

Photoshop Makeup TutorialSet the Opacity to 35% and the blending mode to "Screen". erase the darker areas of the noise (the outer area of the eyelid)

Photoshop Makeup TutorialAll Done!

Here are some other eyeshadow effects I came up with using this makeup method in Photoshop.

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